AirTAC Pneumatic

At present, the product of AirTAC have been widely applied machinery equipment, such as food, environment protection, printing, carpentry, textile, printing and dyeing, railway, packing, construction machinery, welding, plastics, rubber, papermarking, pharmacy, medical treatment, chemical industry, mine, tobacco, glass and ceramic, instrument and valve and automatics industry fields such as electron and automobil. Our customers involve many famousenterprises at home abroad.


Valve Process

Valve is a device attached to the piping system to control fluid flow. Valve can be operated manually and mechanically / electrically.

Hydraulic System

Hydraulic System can be found in a wide variety of applications, from small assembly process to integrated steel and paper mill applications. Hydaulics enable the operator to accomplish significant work (lifting heavy loads, turning ashalt, drilling precision holes, etc)

Electrical Panel

We serve the manufacture of electrical panels (Capacitor Bank, SDP, MDP, LVSDP, LVMDP, AMF/ATS, MCC, COS, etc)

AirTAC Category

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